FAQ Page

2020-2021 School Year

Frequently Asked Questions

As of 8/7/2020

Q. What is the planned method of opening schools on September 2?

A. As of today, the plan is to start school on-site in each of our buildings with specific restrictions, protocols, and safety measures in place. This plan is subject to change as conditions warrant.

Q. What factors will determine the mode of school on September 2, and beyond? Would there be frequent changes?

A. USD 415 continues to collaborate with county and local health officials in assessing the conditions in regards to establishing the mode of learning.

Q. If you utilize a hybrid schedule and have Group A and Group B days, are you going to keep siblings together? I know several families whose older siblings will have to watch younger ones while parents work.

A. We plan to keep immediate family members on the same schedule if at all possible.

Q. What about ACT testing for Juniors?

A. It is expected that ACT will be available, however, ACT only allows in-person testing with trained assessment proctors. The same restrictions apply to Work Keys from ACT.

Q. Will there be concurrent credit and vocational courses with Highland Community College this year?

A. Yes. Information was sent to students and parents of students who selected one of our HCC offerings during their class enrollment.

Q. Will water fountains be available? Will weneed to provide our children their own water bottles? Will they be able to refill during the day if needed?

A. Water fountains will not be available. However, our touchless water bottle fillers will be available. You can provide water bottles for your students, and we will be providing each student one bottle.

Q. What are the options for recess for younger kids?

A. We anticipate having recess. The equipment may not be sanitized between groups, so we will encourage other activities. Frequent handwashing strategies will be used which include coming in from recess.

Q. Will temperatures be checked when kids get on the bus?

A. We are determining if we have the capacity to check prior to getting on the bus.

Q. Can students choose to switch between remote and on-site learning?

A. We will ask parents to commit for 9 weeks. We understand there may be unusual circumstances that justify the need for an unplanned change and we will work with families in those circumstances.

Q. What about working parents who don't want to send their kids to school? How will they be able to do online if you have it set up as if they are in school?

A. Students are required to participate in 6 hours of daily instruction. Depending on the objectives of the teacher this may be fulfilled via a video lesson, independent work, or synchronous participation. A daily log for documentation of teacher contact and total learning time (any and all learning activities, not just screen time) that meets or exceeds 360 minutes (6 hours) per day.

Q. Not everyone who tests positive has a fever. How does taking temperatures account for those who are asymptomatic?

A. We have building access requirements that must be met. If a person is totally asymptomatic with no fever, our screening process will likely not prevent them from entering. All staff will be trained to recognize the various symptoms related to COVID and will work with the necessary school personnel if symptoms are detected.

Q. Will staff and students be required to wear masks? If so, will there be times when it is not required?

A. A decision will be made shortly as to the requirement for masks. If masks become mandatory, there will be protocols for the wearing of masks in schools. This would include mask breaks and exceptions to any requirement.