Good Morning Hiawatha Elementary School students and Staff.

Today is Monday, January 28th.

Today for lunch we are serving:

  1. A-Spaghetti w/bread
  2. B-Beef & Cheese Burrito
  3. C-Chef Salad


Message of the day

Congratulations to our Hawk Block earners from last week. We want to recognize Mrs. Walker’s class. Keep up the hard work!

I saw some really cool hand-bands and mohawks yesterday for Mahomes Monday! I also saw some students working really hard! Today is Tyreek Tuesday. You may see people wearing Cheetah print, workout gear, or Tropical clothes. Tomorrow will be Winning Wednesday, wear something red.

One thing I really appreciated yesterday was that in each room we came into, I heard great manners. Not everyone wanted hot cocoa, which was fine, but everyone said thank you. One thing that surprised me was that a lot of kids said thank you in the room, but they told me again in the hallway when they saw me again. It is easy to remember your manners when everyone is saying it, it makes me proud to be a Jr. Hawk when we use our manners without being asked. Today, focus on being respectful by using your manners.


Have a great day, Jr. Hawks!