Meatballs and Gravy

Attn:Detention and extended learning day will be in the library.

Attn Biology Club members: Due to all of our snow days, the Little Ceasars Pizza fundraiser has been extended. Final orders are due on Friday, January 31. The new delivery date will be the week of February 17. Let Mrs. Reschke know if you have any questions.

AttnHHS Behavior Expectations for the week:

I am respectful in the hallway.

Respect others’ personal space & property.

Be mindful of classes in progress.

Take pride in how our school looks.

Move with a purpose.

Attn Biology Club members: We have concessions and a meal on Friday, Feb. 7th. Please sign the list in Mr. Vitt's room to work or bring food items for the meal.

Attn Bahamas Bound students: Payment for your Southwest plane tickets are due no later than Feb. 4th

Attn:Stop by the Red Hawk Bank and make a deposit.For every $1 you deposit you get a chocolate kiss to keep or give.