Parent reminders:

HMS School phone number- 785-742-4172

HMS School Fax number - 785-742-1744

School days  8:15 - 3:30
Doors open at 7:50. Do not drop off  your students before the doors open.

Please call if your student is absent for any reason or sick 9:00 am 
Please notify the school by 2:00 pm if plans after school have changed.

Lunch/Fees Payment Center


Doors that the students will exit the building after school

5th grade- will be released out the door that is next to the handicapped stalls in the parking lot.

6th grade- will be released out the door on the east end of the parking lot.

7th and 8th will come out the main front doors.


Please make sure your student brings his/her mask everyday to school. They MUST wear it properly at all times while in school.  Stay safe.


Please go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiQ_csmtDqC_YAOQ9-Of5hA and click on SUBSCRIBE so we can get these school activities streaming online so when you can't be in the stands you can still see the student activities.