Red Hawk Reactions: Back-to-School

Returning to school and routine and the business of activities can be exhilarating, nerve wracking, anxiety inducing, and any combination of those and other reactions. What follows, then, are a few reactions from some of the students and staff of HHS. Welcome back all!

Mrs. Lillie,  Assistant Principal and A.D.

“The new school year has started out really well. There’s always some hitches and growing pains, but I think it’s gone really smoothly. The kids seem really excited about the new school year.”

Mr. Diller, Special Ed Instructor and StuCo sponsor

“Things seem to be pretty excited. We’ve got a good new class of Freshman coming in and everyone one else seems to be accepting them already.”

Evan Mercer, senior

“It’s sad. [I’ve] been here four years and it’s my last first day.”

Liam Jones, senior

“It’s nerve racking knowing you have to take the adult role soon, and have big responsibilities in the future.”

Raven Stroud, sophomore

“The Freshman are going to help motivate the rest of the school because as a whole, they collaborate well as a class and if any of the other grades want to outdo them, they’re going to have to work harder than they’ve ever had to.”

Anna Martin, sophomore

“I’m in Mr. Vitt’s class; he seems really nice.”

Nikki Stuve, sophomore

“I was ready to get back into a routine.”

Ashlynn Henry, sophomore

“I was ready to get back into a routine, but not necessarily ready to learn.” Best part of school: “Being able to see everyone again and get back into the swing of things.”

Dalton Simmer, freshman

“I really like Geometry with Mr. Kliewer… I’ve cried every single period because he is so funny!”

Karin Moorhaus, freshman

“Everyone’s really helpful, [and] high school has a lot more opportunities.”

Elle Hinton, freshman

“I’m worried about taking the wrong halls.”