Hiawatha USD 415 Board of Education

Greetings, Red Hawks.

You have likely heard of the controversy surrounding critical race theory and concerns that it would become part of schools in Kansas and across the country.  The concept of critical race theory has existed for over 40 years but has only recently become a controversial topic in K-12 schools.  The controversy is now on our doorstep and we wish to address it.  

We want to be clear in stating that USD 415 schools do not teach critical race theory.  Hiawatha Schools rightfully strive to ensure the best education and learning experience for all students so they may be successful in an increasingly diverse future.  Acknowledging and embracing the diversity of our own students does not equate to the teaching of critical race theory. 

The 2021-22 school year promises to be a crucial year as we continue to address learning loss related to the pandemic while refocusing on pre-pandemic goals for student learning.  This--not the debate of critical race theory-- is the crucial task at hand and it is our focus.  

Thank you. 

Lonnie D. Moser, Superintendent