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Lonnie Moser, Superintendent                                                                                                   Paul Carver, Principal 

Dear Hiawatha Elementary School Families, 


It is nice to see the sunshine and see the tops of plants emerging.  That’s a good signal that Spring Break is nearing and just before we leave for break, we get to host our conferences.  By now, your child’s teacher has messaged you with a request to sign up for a conference time. We will again be using a scheduling software called Calendly. Please sign up and add that time to your calendar.  If you need assistance scheduling your conference, please contact your teacher or the office at (785) 742-7181. 

 We are offering two styles of conferences, on campus, and online. For those of you who will attend an on-campus conference, we would like to communicate our protocol and procedures for how conferences will work.  


  • Enter at the front doors
  • Two guests per conference.  
  • Masks are required
  • HES will provide masks if needed 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available
  • Custodians will increase the frequency of disinfecting
  • Parents will be asked to wipe down their seating area after the conference ends
  • Please maintain 6’ spacing between groups
  • Our library will be available for groups who need to wait between conferences 


We appreciate your attention to these requirements and assistance in ensuring that all those who participate have the opportunity to meet face to face in a safe manner.  

During conferences, we will be giving out our Fastbridge family reports, as well as other information regarding the progress of your student.  This is an excellent opportunity for both parents and teachers to communicate positive growth and what steps will occur for the remainder of the year to ensure your child’s progress is on track. Our conferences will be 15 minutes, and out of respect for other groups, we ask that if you need additional time, please let your teacher know so they can reschedule a follow-up meeting for additional support.  

 Conference time is always a great time as we get to brag about all the progress our students make, share the fun stories about what happens during the time your child is in our building, and create necessary plans for the school and families to team together so that each child has the best experience possible.  


Paul Carver
Hiawatha Elementary School Principal