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Lonnie Moser, Superintendent                                                                    Ben Kettler, Activities Director Kyley Gatz, Principal                                                                                                                 Kim Krauter, Counselor

March 8, 2021


Dear HMS Parent/Guardian,

Our parent-teacher conferences will be held this week ‘in-person’ on Wednesday, March 10th (4 p.m.-8 p.m.) and on Thursday, March 11th (4 p.m.-7:30 p.m.). Conferences will be held in individual classrooms as opposed to the gym setting. Upon checking in, you will be directed towards your student’s grade-level area within the building. If you need help finding your way, please let us know.


Please review the following protocol prior to conferences:


*All parents/guardians and students must wear a mask in the building at all times.

*Please maintain social distance as you wait to speak with your child’s teacher.

*Conferences will be limited to 5-10 minutes in order for all parents to have an opportunity to speak with his/her child’s teacher.

*Your HMS student is welcome to attend conferences, but must remain with you at all times. No other children will be allowed in the building during this time.

*A maximum of two parents/guardians will be allowed to attend parent-teacher conferences.


All “shared” elective teachers will be available on Wednesday evening at HMS. We look forward to visiting with you this week!




 Kyley Gatz, HMS Principal








The mission of Hiawatha Middle School is to provide all students with life-long learning skills and opportunities for academic, personal, and social growth in a safe and orderly environment. The educational program is designed to enable students to become productive citizens in an ever-changing society.