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Lonnie Moser, Superintendent                                                                                                    Paul Carver, Principal

Dear Hiawatha Elementary Families, 

Let me begin this note by thanking you for the understanding, flexibility, and help as we contend with the challenges COVID has brought to our district.  What began on Monday as a single positive case quickly has become multiple.  As you know from watching the news, the virus can spread quickly and with it pose great concern for safety.  Safety is ALWAYS our highest priority not only for students but for all stakeholders.  Because of this, we had to make the decision to move to an online format of instruction.  I want to detail some information about what to expect. 

Students brought materials home with them from school today.  That should have included a device and charger, textbooks, and school supplies that will help them with assignments their teachers will give.  

There may be supplies your child did not get packed, or additional supplies needed as time goes on.  We will work with you to safely get those supplies to your child.  Our priority was to get as many supplies home as quickly as possible so students could continue to learn at home. Please contact the office and a staff member will bring the materials to you. 

If you have trouble with a device, please contact your child’s teacher and they will assist you, or seek assistance from our IT department on your behalf. 

Meals will be provided. Use the link below to sign up for meal pick up.
Meal Pick Up Form  

Wireless hotspot information will be forthcoming.

Unlike when we were in this mode last spring, the educational expectations from the state level have changed.  We are obligated to provide a full day of instruction for each child in any learning environment.  This may be accomplished in a few different ways.

Learning from last year, we’ve tried to utilize fewer learning platforms.  The elementary school uses primarily Seesaw for assignments and parent communication.  Our older students 3rd and 4th grade may also receive emails at their school email account.  Parents, you may receive emails and/or Seesaw messages.  Reach out to your child’s teacher if you need information regarding how to login or access Seesaw.

Learning may take form in a few ways.  The first way is where teachers assign specific times where students attend class virtually using the platform called Zoom.  Teachers will give instruction, answer questions, and check on students’ wellbeing during these meetings.  This is called Synchronous Learning. The second way, called Asynchronous Learning is where teachers may assign pages, reading passages, or pre-recorded videos that students complete.  Teachers may use one method or both methods.  Teachers will communicate with parents in what format they will use.  

Teachers will be asked to make meaningful connections with your students and parents are asked to sign an assurances form recognizing that attendance is taken in this method.  That means teachers will need to speak to your child either by phone or by video conferencing like on Zoom.  If your child does not have that contact, we must consider them absent for that day.  We recognize that this may be inconvenient, however, this is a mandate for our school, and so we must follow it. The link to the assurances is here: Remote Learning Assurances


Students will be expected to complete all aspects of our school day.  This includes Specials classes, intervention time (WIN Time), and assignments from the general education teachers. 

If your child is sick or cannot attend or complete classes or assignments, please contact your child’s teacher to make arrangements to complete them alternatively. 

Again, parents, we certainly did not want to have the necessity of becoming remote again.  However, I take comfort knowing that the decision was made out of care for our students, staff, and our community.  I ask in advance for your continued support, patience, and grace as we again find ourselves in an imperfect situation.


Paul Carver
Hiawatha Elementary School Principal