With the school year approaching we want to encourage you to begin "practicing" with your student(s) on correctly wearing a mask, as well as how to correctly take their mason  on and off.  This video from Children's Mercy  (Mask Video Link) shows the correct way to do this for both elastic ear bands and ties. 

Below we have also included  some guidance regarding choosing a mask for your student. The district will provide 2 cloth face coverings for each student, however we encourage you to find one that fits appropriately and that your student is comfortable wearing.

  1. They must fit snugly (but comfortably) against your face
  2. They must cover the nose and mouth, extend below chin and secure around the face.
  3. They must be secured with ties, ear loops, or securely held in place so not to slip (consider what is easiest for your student)
  4. They must allow for breathing without restriction
  5. They must be washable without damage or shape change
  6. They must have student’s name/initials on it.
  7. Multiple layers of fabric is encouraged.
  8. All masks must follow building dress code (No prohibited symbols, violence promotion, drug/alcohol promotion or symbols, no bandanas, etc.)

How to work with your student on wearing a mask
*Talk with your kids about the importance of wearing a mask
*Model positive and correct mask wearing around your student
*Choose a mask that best fits your student
*Let your student help choose designs, prints, colors of a mask
*Practice at home as a family (during screen time, walks, etc.)

Mask Video Link