Red Hawk

May 15, 2020

Greeting Red Hawk Family,

 I hope this letter finds you and your family well. As this unprecedented school year comes to a close, I thought it wise to reach out and update you as to our current status.  I do so, knowing the news regarding the pandemic and its impact continues to change. I do so accepting that change is our only constant and that any insight I share comes with certain obsolescence.

We are nearing the two-month mark of our continuous learning plan.  By now, we are in a routine.  We continue to learn from the experience.  We’ve gained insight regarding the lives of our students. We better understand the value of school-home relationships. As a system, we are constantly learning of our own shortcomings.  After all, crises have a way of bringing those to the forefront.  We better understand our strengths and capacity as well. While we certainly long for our past normal, we also begin to see the inherent limitations of our traditional systems.  This, too, promotes growth.   

 As you know, our continuous learning plan was created in response to the crisis.  It was never intended to be the norm.  In its current form, it simply would not suffice.  It has, however, provided valuable insight as we move ahead.  In the coming weeks and months, we will continue our planning for the end of this school year and beginning the next.  Given the uncertainties, there will be numerous contingencies and scenarios to consider.  Please know our board of education, administrators, teachers, and staff are in planning mode.  We are in that mode absent the knowledge of what exactly to plan for. 

Whatever the future brings, I am certain it will cause us to deviate from some of our past practice and norms. I can’t identify those changes right now.  It’s simply too early and the situation is too fluid.  Whatever the future brings, I am confident that our district will be agile enough to adjust and change as needed. I am confident because I have seen this agility.  I’ve seen tremendous compassion and dedication by our Red Hawk team.  I have seen excellence.  I can’t sufficiently express how proud I am of our team.

We will continue to monitor the situation and the implications for students, staff, and families for the foreseeable future.  I wish you a pleasant summer. 




Lonnie Moser, Superintendent