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Dear Hiawatha Elementary School Families, 

One thing that is extremely important to our school is our students’ and families’ well-being. 
I know that it can be very difficult to keep our spirits high in the midst of watching the news, avoiding the normal springtime activities, and trying to juggle all the things that take place with the new routines we’ve developed.  I wanted to share a few things with you that might help.

We know that this can be especially hard for children who are used to visiting with friends and seeing their teachers each day.  Ms. Smith, our counselor, has added a resources tab under the Counseling section of the Co-curricular website.  It has a list of resources as well as a link that parents may fill out if they would like additional support. Parents can also access and complete the form by going to https://tinyurl.com/heshelp

Our teachers are doing their best to reach out to each of their students in some way. I know some teachers have placed yard signs in student’s yards, hosted Zoom meetings, and sent positive notes home.  We don’t want our HES students to forget how much we care about them.  Our goal is to be a benefit to families too, we value the partnership we have and know that this is a time when we can help.  If you need to reach our school, please do so by calling (785) 742-7181.  Our staff is here from 8:00 am-4:00 pm and available to take calls.  

One thing that has lifted my spirits is seeing “silver linings.”  Many of our paras have switched to helping around the building with students, to helping around the building by refreshing it.  If you have driven by, you may have noticed some new paint on the playground.  On the inside, they have refreshed some paint, sorted library books, and many other projects.  We are excited for when our students come back to see their faces. We are excited about the work being done and know they will be, too.