Hiawatha Elementary School

600 Miami St.
Hiawatha, KS 66434
(FAX) 785-742-2545

Lonnie Moser, Superintendent                                                                 Paul Carver, Principal

Dear Hiawatha Elementary School Families, 

As we close out another week, the 3rd in our Continuous Learning style, I wanted to reach out in perhaps a different capacity.  I wanted to reach out in encouragement to our families.  I know that a lot of “new” has happened in a short amount of time.   After working with kids for a while, you pick up on certain phrases.  One that I’ve heard before, but now has taken on a whole new perspective is, “The struggle is real.”  

Today, I was on a Zoom meeting with a group of teachers.  One of our teachers was holding her baby, balancing a bottle with her chin, and was using her free hand to navigate on the website she was sharing with the group.  Many of our teachers are meeting together to discuss how best to serve our students and families, hosting meetings with their classes, finding ways to connect with each student individually to share that they are still thinking about them and still care about them.  While all of those school things are happening, they are also taking care of their families, checking on loved ones, and doing their best to adjust to this new normal.  Much like your own, their struggle is real. 

I want to let you know that we see you taking on many new responsibilities and living day to day in a state of adjustment and confusion.  You have partnered with the school in a whole new way.  We want you to know that we appreciate all you’re doing.  In spite of being tired, stressed, and taking care of your homes and families, you are still offering words of encouragement to your neighbors and your child’s teacher.  You are making sure you are checking on your children to keep them going on their tasks. You’re helping with Zoom calls, math problems, and reading stories.  Your struggle is real.

I’m proud to be a part of this great community, one made up of hard-working and caring
people.  I know that the struggle for all of us is real right now. I also know that, together, we will persevere, thrive, and overcome. I am proud of our teachers. I am proud of our students.  I am proud of you. 



Paul Carver