Red Hawk

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Hiawatha, Kansas 66434-0398
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April 6, 2020

Greetings Red Hawk Family,

Welcome to week two of continuous learning.  As our educators are developing their routines, we trust you and your children are also enjoying some semblance of routine and order.  After all, children and adults do best when in the confines of structure.   

Although we are establishing new expectations and norms in our delivery of instruction, we will continue to encounter issues.  I assure you we are working to make this process as fruitful and as simple as possible.  We have learned a lot from week one and our teachers, administrators and technology department are making adjustments. 

I want to direct you to the Continuous Learning page of our website.  The page provides links for questions, answers and resources.  We will continue to update and enhance the page with information so as to better partner with you in this venture.  The link to the page is:

Please submit questions on the link provided.  As always, I invite you to call or email if we can help with any needs you may have.  These are trying times and we know they present numerous issues for families.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We thank you for your patience, flexibility and efforts.   


Lonnie Moser, Superintendent

Lonnie Moser, Superintendent    Jeff Brockhoff, Board Member     Pete Rosa, Board Member
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