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Fall Senior Nights profiles: Class of 2019
Kate Madsen
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

During the volleyball and football games on October 2nd and 12th respectively, the senior athletes were recognized for their leadership and commitment to their chosen disciplines.


Reagan Riley, middle hitter for the HHS volleyball squad, is the daughter of Mike and Courtney Riley. Her favorite part of playing the sport is the team. “They are always there for me when I need them and we all care about each other so much.” She would like to thank her coaches for everything they have done, from making the sport enjoyable yet competitive, to putting up with her craziness at practices and games. “I love you three!”

Felicity Thomas-Rodecap is the daughter of Jason Rodecap and the granddaughter of Moe and Cindy Thomas. She is a right, middle, and outside hitter, and her favorite thing about volleyball is the way it helps clear her mind and allows her to focus on the ball and her teammates. She would like to thank coach Brenda Siebenmorgen. “[Thanks] for not only being patient and understanding, but for also never taking it easy on me. I never understood it before now, but now I understand the reason behind it all.”

Eva Peters, daughter of Rachel Peters and Abe Peters and step-daughter of Donnie Merchant, is not only setter for the volleyball team, but also plays the saxophone for the HHS band. Her favorite thing about volleyball is the strong bond and character they have developed throughout the year. She would like to tell her coaches, “Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of such a wonderful team this year. I don’t know what I would be without this sport. You guys have made such an impact on my life and even though I’m moving off to college here soon, I know that I will be successful because you have faith in me too. Love you guys!”

Laila Jones, daughter of Brandon Ruch, participates in volleyball as well as being the color guard team captain. Her favorite part about being team captain is choreographing the routines , the squad performs for events. “Thank you, all of my family and friends, for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. You guys are my biggest support system and I am so grateful to have you guys in my life,” said Jones.

Madison Giles, daughter of Patricia and Gerald Giles, is yet another multi-discipline participant. She is manager for the volleyball team and also plays flute with the band. Her favorite part about this is that she gets to practice with the team and be a part of the strong bond that is the HHS volleyball squad. The person she would like to thank is her mom. “[Thanks] for being my shoulder to cry on and being my best friend through everything, no matter the situation. Thank you for supporting me in everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I love you, mom.”


Sydney Lowe is the daughter of Jolene Zirkle and Chuck Lowe. She is on the HHS tennis team and is also a drum major for the HHS band. Her favorite part of band is conducting the group, and she also likes playing members of her own team for tennis.The person she chose to thank was her mom. “I want to thank my mom for pushing me to do the best that I can and showing me that small things shouldn't ruin everything and that inconveniences happen in life.”

Bethany Meyers is also a senior on the HHS tennis team. The captain and singles player is the daughter of Ronnie and Melissa Meyers. Her favorite part of the sport is how the team is always really laid back, and how they have lots of fun doing something they enjoy.


Tonya Escher is the daughter of Jackie and Mark Milroy. She is on the color guard, and her favorite part of participating is meeting new people when traveling for competitions and parades. She would like to thank her step dad, “for always believing in me and always standing behind me on all my decisions and also paying for everything I needed.”


Brode Jones is the son of Betty Brennan and Rick Jones. He is the safety and running back for the football team. His favorite part of being a part of the football team is the brotherhood the team develops throughout the year. To head coach Curtis Meyers, he would like to say, “Thank you Coach Meyer and the rest of the coaches for pushing me to be a better athlete and overall person.”

Lennon Bollinger, lineman for the HHS football team, is the son of Margaret Bailey. His favorite part of being on the football team has been, “the culture and experience that come with participating.” He would also like to thank Coach Meyers, “for the patience that you had molding me into what I am as a football player.”

Alan Simpson is a running back for the football team. He is the son of Stacy Barnes and Shawn Simpson, and the stepson of Gary Beck and Christina Simpson. His favorite part about being on the football team is the home support from the teammates and coaches. In addition to thanking his team for being so kind and such a great group to play with, he also has something to say to the community. “Recently, I've gone through one of the hardest things a person can in their life. I'd like to just thank my whole community for all the support they have shown to me and my Family. My mom has talked about moving before and I'm glad we didn't. I wouldn't want to live in any other town. Thank you all so much for the support and kindness.”

Andrew Woods is the grandson of Debra and Edward Kloss. He is also a running back for the football team. His favorite part about football is winning, and he would like to thank Mr.Gunderson. “Thank you Mr. Gundersen for being a huge role model in my life and as a coach.”

Caden Lillie is the son of Brian and Kim Lillie. This offensive tackle’s favorite part of football is the competitiveness of the sport, and his thank you goes out to Coach Meyers. “Thank you Coach Meyers, for believing in me to be a lineman this year.”

Trevor Pederson is the son of Andy and Wendy Pederson. He is a defensive end for the football team, and his favorite part of the sport is making new friends through the team. He would like to say, “Thank you for all that you have taught me throughout the years”

Caleb Pilcher is the son of Heather Pilcher and Brad Siebenmorgen. His favorite part of the team is the brotherhood they share, and his role on that team is linebacker. He wrote his thank you note to his mom. “Thank you Mom for pushing me to be a better person, love you.”

Hunter Pavlish is the son of Jason and Cheri Pavlish. He is a left guard and defensive tackle for the football team and is a trumpet player for the band. His favorite part of football is having something to do so he doesn’t have to just go home and sit around. He would like to thank his parents. “Thank you for all the support you have given me the past four years. I love you guys so much.”

Isaiah Brassfield is the son of Judy Baker and Jim Brassfield. He would like to tell his parents, “Thank you for the love and support over the years. You have instilled confidence in me that allowed me to face any obstacle head on and be able to overcome it. I love you guys.”

Kaiser Isaac is the son of Ezema Isaac and Angela Isaac. He would like to tell his parents, “Thank you guys for supporting me in everything I do, from sports to my school work to my job. I love you guys so much.”

Cross Country

Liam Jones is the son of Jackie Jones and Brandon Ruch, and the grandson of Vurn Jones. His favorite part of the cross country experience is the family aspect, from the prayer/hype circles to the smiles and laughs they share, but most of all how they have each other’s backs. He chose to thank his grandpa. “He has impacted me the most during my life journey, He is always there for me and cheers me on in every race he attends. He has taught me how to be respectful and kind to everyone. Most of all, he is like a father to me. I love you Papa.”

Gabe Corbett is the son of Jill and Stan Thorton. His favorite part about cross country is winning most of the meets, and he would like to thank his Uncle Keith, “who has been pushing me to do my best in any and all the sports I do. I’m very thankful to have him as a mentor in my life.”

Justice Nez is the son of Carey Keo. His favorite part of cross country is watching the team succeed and sweep the competition. He chose to write his thanks to his mother. “Shout out to my momma for raising me, for making me the person I am today. Thanks mom. I love you.”

Jasmine Morey, cross country runner and band member, is the daughter of Diana and Todd Morey. Her favorite part of the cross country experience is the family atmosphere. She would like to thank both of her parents, “for pushing me to be the best person I can be. Also, thank you for paying for everything I do. Love you both!”

Elizabeth Kettler is the daughter of Ben and Katie Kettler. She is on the varsity girls cross country team, and her favorite part of the sport is the fun they have as a cross country family. She would like to thank both her parents for being there for her throughout the years, and for supporting her in all she does.

Mary Rosá is the daughter of Pete and Julie Rosa. Mary is on the cross country team, and as is a common theme, she loves her teammates and the light-hearted atmosphere that goes along with the group. She would like to thank her coach. “Thank you, Coach, for always pushing me hard in practice even when I don’t want it. You have made me into a better runner and have taught me a lot throughout my four XC years. I’ve enjoyed the fun times we had in practice and meets and of course winning state with you as our coach! Thank you for all that you do for our team.”


Maggie Nuzum is the daughter of Mike and Mary Nuzum. She plays clarinet, and her favorite part of band is having fun with her friends and being able to compete against other schools. She would like to thank a few people for her success. “I want to thank my friends and Mrs. Gift. Thank you for teaching me new things in life. I'm glad I have them here to support me.”

Nicole Twombly is the daughter of Angela and Jeremy Twombly. She a clarinet player for the HHS marching band, and her favorite part is also having fun and competing against other schools. Nicole thanks both her parents, “for pushing me to try new things and be the best me that I can be. I love you both and am very blessed to have you two as my parents.”

Dawson Hughes is the son of Erin and Jesse Hughes. The tenor saxophonist’s favorite part of band is travelling to the Central States Marching Festival put on by the K-State marching band. Dawson would like to say, “I am thanking my mom and dad for all of the work they have done for me.”

Christian Davis is the son of Jason and Stephanie Davis. He is on the drum line at HHS, and his favorite part of band is competitions. Christian wants to thank his parents for their sacrifices toward his success. “You guys have always been there for me and put my needs in front of yours. I love you guys.”

Makayla Neibling is the daughter of Cathy and Ernie Iverson. Makayla, who plays trumpet, is a soloist in this year’s marching routine entitled, “Our Tribute to the Beatles.” Her favorite part of band is, “coming together and sharing something all of us love and becoming a family because of that.” She would like to thank her aunt, grandma, best friend, and Ms. Gift for helping her and always being there for her.

Erica Merz is the daughter of Jessica and Eric Merz. She is the section leader for the clarinets, and her favorite part about marching band is being able to become close to a group that is dedicated to the same goals. “I would like to thank my parents, both of them, for supporting me wholeheartedly throughout my journey through school. I know I've been hard to deal with but I love you guys dearly.” Also, Erica would like to thank Mr. Farnen for making sure things are running smoothly, and for being in music club, something she has enjoyed throughout high school.

Robin Madere is the daughter of Chauncy and Rosella Madere. She is a flute section leader, and her favorite part of band is being able to support her school and show school pride at the football games. “I would like to thank my Uncle Ronnie who passed away last Monday. He impacted me as a person and as a teammate in more ways than I ever had the chance to let him know. He taught me to never give up on anything, not my team, not my music. No matter how bad things may look, the important thing is the friendships and experiences you gain or strengthen from each moment of each day.”

Alexis Watka is the daughter of Craig and Jennifer Monaghan. She is a clarinet player, and her favorite part of band is the opportunities to travel to other places. Alexis would like to thank her drum major. “Thank you Sydney Lowe for being a wonderful drum major.“

Avery Lehmkuhl is the grandson of Kevin and Ann Lehmkuhl. He has participated in band all four years, and is a member of the HHS drum line.