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Mock Trial Workday Agendas


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Mock Trial Prep Work – Counsel

  • Day 1: Developing Argument and Opening Statements
    • read the story again, paying special attention to the points and evidence you can use to present your case (i.e. “the defendant is guilty/not guilty because…”)
    • watch the YouTube video tutorial linked below and take notes:
    • begin writing opening statement




  • Day 4: Closing Arguments and Rules of Evidence
    • watch YouTube video tutorial and take notes:
    • Compose closing argument.
    • Read the Rules of Evidence provided on the following website:
      • http://www.hawaiifriends.org/mtsmrule.html






Mock Trial Prep Work – Witnesses




  • Day 4: Character Presentation
    • deliver a presentation of your character to the class, including a brief biographical monologue and a question and answer from the audience
    • plan a costume for mock trial








Mock Trial Prep Work – Jury Members

Day 1: The Role of a Jurist?

Day 2: The Trial and Deliberations

  • Read from “Trial Jury Handbook” parts 3 (“The Trial”) and 4 (“Deciding on a Verdict”); take notes

Day 3: Mock Deliberations

Day 4: Witness Q&A

  • Hear presentations of witness characters and ask questions about their lives, hopes, fears, etc.