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Classroom Policies

by James Farnen


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Classroom Policies

1) Be respectful…
• of other people—their bodies, belongings, feelings, and ideas
• of your classroom, your school, and its property
• of yourselves—don’t discount or discourage the power of your own             potential

2) Be responsible…
• by being in your seat on time each day
• by coming prepared with necessary books, materials, and coursework
• by completing and turning in all assignments by specified due dates

3) Be inquisitive.
• Ask “why?” until you get the answer.
• NEVER let a question go unasked.
• Follow the uncharted roads of your interest, imagination, and curiosity. You will almost always find that what lies at its end was worth the time it took in traveling.

4) Be involved.
• Everyone’s (enthusiastic) participation is needed for the success of this class.
• The more you get involved the more it shows you care, and the more you care the more others will get involved.