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HHS students give hope for Christmas in Mexico

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While many spend their winter break at home or out of town with family, sitting around opening presents, three HHS students - Mary Rosá, Jack Rosá, and Jocelyn Dvorak - traveled to Mexico on a mission trip instead.

Along with other mission members, the trio travelled to Reynosa - a border city in Northern Mexico - to help build a house for a family there.

“I think we had fifteen people on our team, and overall like 300 people together and I think we made a total of 30 houses,” explained HHS junior Mary Rosá.

Their team built a house for a Reynosa local named Rosalia, and her three kids.

Rosalia, a single mother in her forties, worked alongside her children and mission workers to construct her family’s new home.


While in Mexico, both Mary and Dvorak spoke of the surprises there, including seeing dogs everywhere and how no one seemed to own them, yet everyone fed them. They also remarked on the chickens that just roamed around and weren’t kept in a coop.

“They also had a lot of pigs around and they use the pigs to kind of clean the garbage…” remarked Mary.

Of the trip - her fourth - Rosá noted some of the differences from previous years.

“Well, I definitely knew more Spanish, so the…communication I got was really cool. On the final day, we give the keys for the house to the family, so we gave them to Rosalia who opened the door and immediately started crying. That's the first time I’ve ever cried [during a mission].”

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Dvorak, who was new to the mission this year, told about how very different it was from the trips she had gone on with family in the past.  

“What’s funny is every family vacation we’ve (the Dvorak family) ever gone on, I’ve always loved. You know, it’s always been so much fun, but working in the Colonia… building just garden sheds for these people and how grateful they are is the best vacation I could ever ask for.”

She also talked about the trip was as a whole, and how it impacted her.

“It was very inspiring and very humbling. It [makes you think] of what you have and realize that you don’t need to have that much to be happy, because being down there was probably the happiest time ever. And I didn’t have T.V. or a nice house. I was sitting in the dump. It was great.”

Both Dvorak and Mary hope to continue going on this mission trip for the rest of their lives.