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A new beginning to finals

Teachers Jenny Dunn and Patty Davis proposed a new finals schedule. The new finals schedule was made to erase all of the extra time wasted throughout the day. Many students are excited for finals, and some a little upset.

The new schedule consists of two days for preparation, and two days to take finals. B day preparation will be December 15. A day prep will be Monday, the 18. Finals will begin on Tuesday, December 19. This is when all students will take their B day finals. December 20 is A day finals. Any student who feels they have too many finals in one day is allowed to carry them over to Dec. 21 after making arrangements with teachers. School will be dismissed at 12:45 p.m., as usual.

            Senior Josey May believes that the new finals schedule is beneficial for many students here at HHS.

“I think it’s kind of good because it’s not so spread out and you don’t have to wait so many days before taking your finals.”

May does admit, on the other hand, that the updated finals schedule is very crammed and can become stressful easily.

Junior Eva Peters agrees with this notion and would like her finals to be spread out more.

 “I am not a big fan… I have all of my core finals on A days, except one. Also, on A days I have two college math classes.”

            Peters would like to have the old schedule back because she would have the Thursday off of school as a whole.

Sophomore Seth Bauerle  explained  that he is okay with the new schedule. Bauerle likes the extra day to catch up on any finals that students may have not had time for earlier in the week. He too, however, spoke on the cons of the new finals schedule.      

“Yeah… one day is going to be super busy for you… I definitely feel like that will be a challenge for some people.”

            Students here at HHS have many different views on the finals schedule, but ultimately student feedback after semester one finals are over will give a better impression of what students really think.

How did YOUR semester one finals go?

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