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Why Google Play should be unblocked



Most students show better performance in school when listening to music, says Independence Magazine. It motivates people to work harder, and stimulates the brain to stay focused.


However, it’s nearly impossible for students to listen to music in class without a phone or unblocked source online. But we can’t take our phones to class, and most people do not have mp3 players because they have cell phones, so there is no need for an mp3 device.


In some studies, music has been found helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It can reduce stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers in the brain. Anxiety reduction from music has been found to be as effective as a massage.


I have definitely found that when I listen to music, I get focused and get things done in a short amount of time.


Many students struggle in class. It may be because of a medical condition - having trouble keeping focused because of outside distractions - which could be eliminated with music by keeping the brain stimulated and focused on one thing.


Not every student can be blessed with the magical ability to block out all distractions, or not get distracted. All they may need is that extra factor in the equation.   

What do YOU think about student access to streamable music online???


Feb 02, 2018

If I remember I Heart takes the least data when being used. google play uses an absurd amount, although I think y google play, you just meant music streaming in general.