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Is Red Hawk Rewards revamp an improvement upon the old system?


            Many students have just received their first Red Hawk Reward, and while there is a palpable excitement now, will it last? The Red Hawk Rewards system has been revamped, and while the change is exciting, the question is still posed, was the old Red Hawk Rewards system better? The new rewards are now printed with their three potential uses: a lunch line fast pass, admittance to any home game for free, and students also have the option to save their rewards for the big event at the end of the semester.

            The system has changed to exclude the use of Red Hawk Rewards for a non-core class final exam exemption. This comes as a surprise, but perhaps not one welcomed by the whole of the student body.

The prior reward system saw that, more often than not, the primary use for the awards was an exemption status from a final exam. Perhaps with the old system there was a better incentive not to miss school or get in trouble with the promise of exemption from a final exam. It was not uncommon last year to hear someone say, “I can’t miss school again because I need that Red Hawk Reward to get out of (class name) final.”

            Which now poses the question, will the rewards system prizes provide the same kind of incentive to attend school and remain in good standing for students? There is a great deal of skepticism going around about just how grand the big event at the end of the semester will be. Students worry that it may not be worth the use of their tickets, but we have yet to see what will become of the new Red Hawk Rewards system.

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