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Should we have a cell phone policy?



Hiawatha High School has a “no cellphones during school hours” policy, but is it fair to the students? Many schools, not only around this area, but around the state and country, allow phones during school for a variety of different reasons. School administrators often argue that phones are a distraction to the learning of students, but what are the benefits?


In high school we are expected to be responsible with not only our personal lives, but also our educations, but as students we are not given the fighting chance to be responsible enough to have our phones during school hours or even when we enter the building. Instead of looking at all the negatives involved with cell phones, maybe we should look at the benefits that access to cell phones during school hours could provide.


One benefit of cellphone usage during school includes learning to be responsible not only with the devices, but how we use them.


Some students also work better when they are allowed to listen to music, so in a way isn't this ban limiting the success of the students because our school doesn't want to allow students the chance to have phones during school?


It can also be argued that students should be allowed to have their phones during the lunch hour and passing period because that is our time. Some could argue that having phones during their own time could affect the face-to-face interaction, but in reality we are given plenty of time to communicate during classes.  


To conclude, I believe that, as students, we should have some responsibility with our phones or even be given the chance to prove that we are capable before automatically being told we can't have our phones.

What do YOU think about the cell phone policy at HHS?

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