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How to stay mentally healthy in stressful situations

            School can be stressful for students everywhere. Students here at Hiawatha High have a total of eight classes, four per day. During the school day they can be piled with homework, and tests to study for. In addition, many students have a job or extracurriculars to attend after school, which can -and often does - create stress, which can be mentally draining.

            It is important to stay mentally healthy and aware of what is happening around you on a daily basis. When you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed, take a break, put yourself in time out. Often you can’t take a break during class, so make the most of passing periods and lunch. Take breaks throughout your day to breathe. Instead of tackling huge goals, take them one step at a time. This will help you get through situations easier.

            Our brains can only take so much. When we fill our minds with too much, we crash. Anxiety and other mental illnesses can affect us in many ways, especially when we are too stressed. Staying on top of your goals and ambitions in life will help you deal with stress easier.  Although, if this is what causes you stress, take it one goal at a time. Make sure your goals are small and easy to attain.

Often, it is beneficial to speak these goals to a role model, or someone significant in your life. Telling someone who believes in you will help you stay connected with small goals. It’s good to have a motivator. It is too easy to fall apart and forget your goals when you are stressing.

Also, eating foods that give you natural energy helps with stress, such as bananas, almonds, yogurt, and spinach. All of these foods have something in common. They are light and give you the perfect amount of energy.

Maintaining a healthy amount of sleep at night is also important. Instead of working on homework until two or three in the morning, go to sleep at ten or eleven. I am sure what you are doing super late at night isn't worth losing sleep over.

Make sure you can organize your priorities and limit yourself to only the things you know you can finish within a day's time. It's okay to say no to someone who is trying to load your plate when it's already full. Take control of your life.