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Why we should be allowed to have food in our lockers


          A vast majority of students already have difficulty focusing in class. This could be due to lack of food in their system. Many kids may just need a snack to boost their energy to get through the day.


Most students I interviewed agreed on the fact that food gave people energy, helped them stay awake, made them more active participants in class and helped them focus.


“Half the time in class, I go to sleep because I’m hungry,” said sophomore Haley Loyd.


“The fact of not having food in our lockers is upsetting, because I have second lunch and I'm always really hungry and can't focus,” said Maggie Moorhous, a junior.


According to activebeat.com, snacking discourages overeating that happens at most meals. It also increases brain function and makes it easy to be more alert.


Snacking helps us lose weight. It may sound odd, but it's true. It helps most if you move away from eating a few large meals a day to eating multiple smaller meals a day. This makes our bodies have a more consistent intake and output.


Snacking puts you in a better mood, and boosts your ability to focus. After your body goes through all the food you've eaten, it reacts by slowing down. This all leads to crankiness, being tired and lack of focus.


         Principal Alan Jeffery explains that his reasoning behind the no food in lockers rule is to prevent an extensive amount of bugs and vermin in lockers. But that could easily be avoided, by using resealable packages, and proper management/disposal of the food trash.