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The contradictory Maddy Gruber

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            There are two sides to Maddy Gruber. The “I'd rather sleep all day, eat all the food in the house and watch Netflix” side and the athletic side that loves to play many sports.

Gruber likes to describe herself as an introvert. After interviewing Maddy, I found that it’s difficult for her to open up and give the full details when she first meets a new person.

            Although Gruber can be difficult to talk to and get to know, she does have an outgoing side that loves to play tennis, basketball and, in the seventh grade, became a very competitive softball player. To date, Gruber's biggest accomplishment has been becoming pitcher on her softball team.

“I was really happy because everyone doubted me. I did it.” said Gruber.

Gruber and her family used to play tennis together every night of the week.

“It was my mom and I against my dad and sister. My sister never wanted to be there so we always got into arguments.”

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Gruber balances both of her different sides of life by not overdoing her athletic side. When she isn't at school or practice, she is at home relaxing, watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

She also is a very compassionate young lady. She enjoys having friends who she can talk to anytime of any day. Gruber is a very understanding and open person.

“Maddy is always there. She is loyal to no end... she will listen and make you feel like the queen you are,” explains an anonymous source.

If you are looking for a friend to sit at home with all day and watch Netflix, or if you would rather play a match of tennis, Maddy Gruber is your person!