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Robin Madere: the untold story

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Seeing Robin Madere leaving the building after school, one might assume with her quiet demeanor and focused attitude that she would be going straight home to finish her homework. But after dropping off her backpack in her car, Robin turns back around and gets ready for sports practice - either cross country or softball depending on the season. After practice is finished, she drives to her church to help with the local Awanas club. Then, after all of her extracurricular activities are done, Robin finally goes home to end her day.

“Softball is the love of my life. Nothing will stop me from doing it.”

Robin’s passion for softball is evident even when speaking to her briefly. But her love for staying active was almost taken away due to an accident at a church lock-in three years ago. While she was there, someone fell on her leg and hyperextended her knee. The colloquial name for her ailment - chondromalacia - is Runner’s Knee. She’s not sure if this is the cause for all of her current knee problems, but she definitely knows that it has played a major part.

Even throughout years of appointments, Robin hasn’t gotten down about her situation. She refuses to let her knee keep her from doing the things she enjoys. But that doesn’t mean it comes without pain.

“In the past year, my knee pain has affected my sleep. And getting less sleep affects my school work. But when it comes to softball, I don’t care if I tear something - I’m doing it.”

            There’s a common misconception about Robin, one that she understands, but wishes she could shake.
            “People assume that because I’m quiet, that I just never talk. They assume that I’m really introverted and that’s not always true.”

            In fact, Robin is heavily involved in the community. She participates in several forms of community service, such as helping with her church and volunteering at the humane society. She feels strongly that community service is an important part of staying active and involved.

            Even though Robin doesn’t truly consider herself an introvert at all times, she wishes she could let go of some of her worries.

            “I wish I could be a bit more extroverted. It would be nice to be able to be loud and excited and not worry about judgement from anybody.”

            It’s clear that Robin respects a person’s ability to balance their lives and live in fulfilling ways. She cited her youth pastor as one of her biggest influences for those reasons.

            “My youth pastor is a huge inspiration to me. He has four kids, he has several jobs, and he still manages to fully dedicate himself to being our pastor. I don’t know how he does it, but I think it’s amazing.”

            In between service, athletics and schoolwork, Robin enjoys reading and hanging out with her friends. Though it might not be apparent on first glance, Robin can be just as extroverted and loud as the typical high schooler.