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Harley Calhoon: not your typical cheerleader

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            Harley Calhoon may seem like the stereotypical cheerleader to some, but to those who take the time to get to know her, she is a quirky, thoughtful, typical teenage girl. Calhoon enjoys being involved with her community and school, but she also likes to eat whatever she can find in her kitchen while watching movies in the comfort of her own home.

            “When you look at movies and stuff like that the cheerleaders are always the bad guys, but then really if you get to know actual cheerleaders they’re not that bad,” Calhoon says, telling about how people stereotype her as the typical cheerleader.

She strives to be the opposite of what people think cheerleaders are like by being kind and thinking of others instead of primarily herself.

Calhoon demonstrates her thoughtfulness toward others by volunteering at the humane society, participating in the summer food program and by watching movies that help her gain a deeper understanding of people.  She always tries to follow the cheerleading rule of being nice to others.

            “We’re cheer sisters,” Calhoon says of her relationship with her teammates.

In cheer practice they work on more than just cheer; they work on things such as personality and confidence. They don’t talk about each other to people outside of cheer, so they don’t cause any drama in the team. All of these rules are written in the cheerleader constitution that Calhoon signs each year upon becoming a cheerleader.

Other than being a cheerleader, Calhoon likes to partake in many activities that people associate with any typical teenager.

“I eat a lot. I love food so much,” Calhoon remarks.  

She enjoys lounging around her home watching movies, and television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, while eating. One of Calhoon’s favorite movies is “The Help” because it helps her understand what people were like and how they felt in the time period that they were living in, which in turn helps her understand people from now.

            With all of the qualities that Calhoon possesses, she is just like any other teenage girl, yet very much herself. People are very complicated, but one thing is clear about Calhoon - she’s not your typical cheerleader.