Fall sports update

by Kate Madsen

     The 2018 fall season promises to be a season full of surprises, as each Red Hawk team has been putting in hours of practice during the summer.

     According to senior cross country team captain Mary Rosá, “summer practices were great. It was a great time to have the incoming freshmen kind of see how our team works together, and it’s an opportunity to get in shape and to earn a trip to Colorado.”

     Volleyball participated in several tournaments, and were also took part in summer a league in Holton.

     “I think it really helped us improve overall for this upcoming season,” explains senior Regan Riley.

     Both football and cheer also had eventful summers, with the football team scrimmaging against both Troy and Anderson County, which according to junior Tyler Brokhoff was “fabulous.”

     Several cheerleaders were also selected during the team camp for All-American Cheer. Out of the six nominated - Nicole Mackey, August Korperich, Makenzie Gormely, Laila Jones, Harley Calhoon, and Abigail Lowe - three were ultimately selected for the team. Lowe, Jones, and Koerperich were offered a trip to Orlando to perform during the Citrus Bowl.

     The hard work put in during the summer was certainly evident during the fall sports debuts. The volleyball team opened with a triangular with Royal Valley and Nemaha Central. While neither game ultimately resulted in a win, Hiawatha managed to win a set over Nemaha Central, who is currently ranked number one in the state. 

     Cross Country traveled to Jefferson West on Thursday, where they competed with several area teams. The girls’ team managed to place third, with two of their top five runners unable to compete for this first meet. The boys’ team, however, placed first by a wide margin, scoring less than half of the points of the second place team. Both girls and boys together earned the combined team title.

     The football team also had a strong season opener, topping Riverside 27-13.  

2018-2019 HHS Mixer the “littest” yet

By Athena Garza, Abby Lowe, Robin Madere and Emily Meisenheimer

The mixer has been a Hiawatha High School tradition for generations. It has changed many times throughout the years, but the joy of getting to know people and having a blast still remains.

“It was late, I was tired, the music was too loud, and it was fun,” Karl Kliewer, math teacher at HHS, said. He explained that,many years ago, the mixer was held outdoors, though it was changed after kids got caught sneaking in to avoid paying and other kids from different schools decided to join in on the fun.

Freshman Sheridan Jones shared about her first experience. She had no suggestions for improving the event, other than maybe providing drinks to attendees. She enjoyed the music choice and had a blast.

Sophomore Jayden Gibson stated that his first dance at his new school was a great experience where he met new people and gained new friends. He also said he was excited for this new coming school year.

Juniors Eric Bock, Mason Ward and Andrew Kreek all agreed that this was the best mixer they’ve been to. They didn't have much to say other than that it was super fun and that, on a scale of one to ten of how much they were sweating, this year’s dance was definitely off the chart.

Senior Laila Jones also agreed that this was the “littest’ mixer she's ever been to, and that she was glad her last mixer was a blast.

We all bonded through sweat, blood and seeing each other at our worst which has better unified as a school. Also, shout out to Justin Hodge for crowd surfing. Right on man.