PLEASE be sure to write your student’s name in/on ALL their items (athletic shoes, backpacks, coats, etc.).

5TH Grade

Trapper with 3 rings

Package of No. 2 pencils (at least 12)


2 red pens

1 100-pack of filler paper


Box of colored pencils

3 one-subject spiral notebooks

2 large boxes Kleenex

1 zippered pencil bag for trapper

2 low-odor, non-toxic dry erase markers

1 ‘Composition Book’ (Science)

1 container of Clorox wipes

6 pocket folders (any colors; no prongs needed)

1 glue stick

6TH Grade

Loose-leaf, 3-ring Binder/Trapper w/wide filler paper

Lead pencils and eraser

Ballpoint pen (blue or black, NOT a gel pen)

Red checking pen or pencil

Box of colored pencils

2 highlighters

2 large glue sticks

2 large, low-odor, non-toxic, dry erase chisel tip markers

2 single-subject spiral notebooks (non-perforated ones last longer)

1 large box of Kleenex

2 Composition Notebooks (9 ¾ x 7 ½ ; no spirals)

Calculator (TI 30XS)

6 pocket folders (any colors; no prongs needed)

7TH Grade

Trapper with 3 rings

20 No. 2 pencils

1 pkg of 10 red ballpoint pens

1 pkg of blue or black pens

Plastic pocket folders w/prongs (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue)

Colored pencils (24-pack)

2 large boxes of Kleenex (Give to 1st Hour teacher)

1 Sharpie marker (black, fine-point)

4 non-toxic, low odor dry erase markers (re-supply as needed)

3 highlighters – different colors

1 small glue stick

1 package of loose-leaf college ruled notebook paper

One 100-pack sticky notes

2 spiral notebooks (blue and yellow)

Zippered pouch (for 3-ring binder)

1 package 3”x5” white notecards

2 ‘Composition Notebooks’ (9 ¾” x 7 ½” - no spirals)

1 large eraser

Scientific calculator (with fraction key)

Suggested models: Texas Instruments: TI 30XA or Casio: FX-260

One container disinfecting wipes

8TH Grade

Trapper with 3 rings

20 No. 2 Pencils(give to Ms. Thacker)

Ballpoint pens(black, blue & red)

Box of 12 or 24 colored pencils

2 boxes of Kleenex(give to Mrs. Tryon)

1 Sharpie marker (black, fine-point)

2 packages loose-leaf paper

2 three-subject spiral notebooks

4 low-odor, non-toxic, dry erase markers

Scientific calculator (with fraction key)

Suggested models: Texas Instruments: TI 30XA or Casio: FX-260

Package of highlighters

Small/medium Post-It Notes

Zippered pencil pouch

1 large glue stick(give to Mrs. Lock)

One 1½ ”, 3-ring binder (to be kept in Science room)


2 packages 3”x5” white notecards

2 AAA batteries (give to Mrs. Tryon)

All PE classes ( 5th – 8th)

Required HMS Shirt/Shorts (purchased at Middle School)

White athletic socks

Tennis shoes


Deodorant (NO aerosol cans)

Shower sandals

7/8th grade Health class – a notebook or folder

Optional items – Cool weather clothes, extra tennis shoes for outdoors, plastic container for jewelry/personal items

Band Students

Grade 5 – Essential Elements 2000 Book 1

1 large box of Kleenex

Grades 6, 7, 8 -Supplies for your respective instrument:

Flute: cleaning cloth (a small handkerchief is perfect for this)

Clarinet: One box of Rico reeds- 2.5 strength

Alto/Tenor Saxophone: One box of Rico reeds- 2.5 strength

Trumpet/ Trombone/Baritone/Tuba: One bottle of “Al Cass Fast Valve, Slide & Key Oil”

General Percussion: Snare/Bell Kit (available for rent-to-own at the Band Night the night before school begins)

Grade 7 Percussion: “Liberty Elementary Pre Pack”. It can be ordered online at this address: https://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/elementary-stick-pack/stick-mallet-pack

(Some common supplies/items/books can be purchased at Band Night or when school starts. Remember to always label your items!)

Vocal Students

1 dry erase marker