Good Morning Hiawatha Elementary School students and Staff.

Today is Thursday, January 16th.

Today for lunch we are serving:

  1. Beef Soft Shell Taco
  2. Cheese Quesadilla
  3. Turkey and Jack Wrap


Message of the day

Congratulations to our Hawk Block earners today. 

We’ve been speaking about big feelings this week. We have spoken about how to recognize big feelings, how to use self talk to get yourself to stop and relax, and some times when you may feel big feelings.

Today, my challenge to you is to use the skills we’ve learned about at worked on in order to stay in the green zone. If you are having big feelings, tell yourself to stop, figure out what you are feeling, and use a skill, like self talk and deep breathing to help yourself.

Teachers, please watch for students who are being feelings detectives and using safe, respectful and responsible ways to help themselves or others. We want to recognize the good habits our HES students have when dealing with big feelings.


Have a great day, Jr. Hawks!