What about graduation for high school seniors? Will there still be a ceremony?

What about 8th grade promotion? 

As of now, they have not been cancelled. This is subject to change as the situation is always changing. Administrators are investigating alternate plans should it become necessary.

When is last day of school for students? What about Seniors? 8th Grade? 

The school calendar will not change. The last day for HHS seniors is May 13. Teachers will provide seniors with information regarding last days to turn in assignments. The last day of school for 8th grade students is May 15. Their teachers will also communicate regarding due dates for assignments. The last day of school for all other stduents is May 20th.

Will there be instruction on April 10th and 13th? 

As per the current school calendar, there will NOT be school or instruction on those days. 

What should I do if I can't see the assignments my child needs to complete?

If you are attempting to view your student's assignments/classwork in Google Classroom, you will need to view it with your student as he or she has access.

What do I do if I feel the expecation or workload is more than my child can reasonably do? What if it is too much for the parent? 

It is never our intent to burden or over-load students and their famlies. Please contact your child's teacher with workload concerns. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to find balance.

My child was not given a textbook? Does she need one?

Textbooks may not be a requirement for many classes. If they are required, they were sent home with students. If you feel a textbook should have been sent and was not, please contact the teacher. 

What if I would prefer to have packets of paperwork and not utilize technology?

That is certainly an option. Please contact your school and they will notify your child's teachers.

Will there be penalties if an assignment is not tuned in on time? 

We understand this situation presents a variety of problems. We will extend grace and do our best to help if a circumstance prevents the timely completion of assignments.   

If the apps on your device aren't working:

1. It could be the filters we use to keep our students safe on-line.

We are aware of the issues and working with our content filter provider to allow all of the different applications through without any issues.

2. It could be your internet connection.

The internet in most homes and hotspots will be affected by the number of devices trying to access it at the same time. We recommend in those situations to allow just one device access at a time, refraining from any streaming or activity that may take bandwidth (including phones and gaming devices).

If your device doesn't connect to WiFi

  1. See if the Wifi Is turned on for the device
  2. Reset the wireless button on wifi router
  3. Make sure your router has an internet connection
  4. Make sure you have entered the right Wifi password to connect your Chromebook
  5. Restart Chromebook and Wifi router
  6. Reduce the load on the WiFi by using only one device at a time.

If none of these steps work, request assistance for the device by filling out the Tech Assistance Form . Please only fill out one form as our IT Team is clearing request as quickly as possible. Duplicate request will clog the system. Rest assured, your student will not be penalized in any way if the device has caused a delay in classwork completion.

Are you wondering about your tech request?

During this initial phase of remote learning, our priority has been working on filtering issues and devices that have been turned in to the Tech department. We also continue to reach out to those tech requests dealing with connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience.

Remember, students will not be penalized for delays in classwork due to tech issuesl