Dear Friends,

It is a great time to be a part of the USD 415 School District. Due in a large part to the support of the district’s patrons, we have completed a number of desperately needed improvements district wide.

While the passing of the recent bond issue provided the necessary funds for the most costly, desperately needed improvements, there remain a number of projects that are outside the scope of the bond issue. This is where the USD 415 Educational Foundation comes into play. “The foundation’s purpose is to promote and further the advancement of services and facilities available; and encourage and facilitate the contributions of funds for the use of the district’s schools, teachers, administrators, and students in the accomplishment of the district’s public educational purpose.”

The foundation is continuing to raise funds for the replacement of the lighting in the high school’s auditorium. As one may recall, these funds were not included in the bond issue renovations. As the auditorium is utilized by every student at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, it is the foundation’s view this is an extremely worthy cause, as the current lighting is in very poor condition.

Another project being investigated is the continued improvement of the area surrounding the high school football field concession stand. Specifically, plans are to install picnic tables and trash cans near the concession stand, as well as pave the low area between the concession stand and the track. These improvements will allow fans to eat food sitting at a table rather than carry food to the stands. The paving will eliminate the problem of standing water and mud due to rain and also make the area easier to navigate.

Over the years, the foundation has provided support to collaborative projects that have bettered the district and community. The greenhouse, weight room, and concession stand projects are just a few examples that would not have been possible without financial support. In addition, outside support has funded the foundation’s mini-grant program, which assists educators with enhancing the educational experience in ways such as Science Olympiad, educational field trips, and the purchase of specialized equipment for use in the classroom.

The foundation would like to thank you for your past and future support of USD 415. The foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit entity, meaning a contribution may qualify for an income tax deduction. Contributions can be made to: USD 415 Educational Foundation, 706 South 1st Street, Hiawatha, KS 66434.

As always, the foundation recognizes a donor may wish to designate a donation towards a specific project. If this is the case, please make the proper notation on a contribution. Of course, the foundation also accepts “undesignated donations”, as well, which continues the mini-grant program.


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Erik D. Madsen, President

Board Members: Del Elffner, Brady Hageman, Dr. Penny Hargrove, Kathy Heiniger, Lori Henry, Traci Hinton,

Kylee Reschke, Brad Swearingen