Good Morning Hiawatha Elementary School students and Staff.

Today is Monday, January 27th.

Today for lunch we are serving:

  1. Chicken nuggets
  2. Pork Rib Sandwich
  3. Turkey and Cheese Sub

Teachers, this is slightly different than what is posted on the menu because of our snow days.


Message of the day

This week is going to be a great week for HES. We have earned a whole school celebration of our Positive Behavior. After your lunch, I will come to each class and offer you some hot cocoa. If you would like it, I’m going to listen for your, “Yes please,” and if you don’t, that’s ok. A, “No, thank you,” will do.

Some other fun things that are happening this week, is we are enjoying the fact that the KC Chiefs football team is going to the Super Bowl. That hasn’t happened for 50 years! To celebrate today, we’re inviting everyone to wear a headband or mohawk style hair for Mahomes Monday. This is one of those days where we can wear something on our heads. Most days it is not ok to wear hats or hoodies inside the building.

Tomorrow is Tyreek Tuesday, you are invited to join our staff by wearing cheetah print, or workout gear, or Tropical outfits because the game is in Florida. Let’s have fun this week celebrating our local team. Let’s also remember to work hard today. The Chiefs are a good example that hard work pays off to have lots of fun.


Have a great day, Jr. Hawks!